Gallo didn't want to position itself in the market as just another common olive oil that you put on your pizza. They wanted to be Gourmet ~alternative~.

Then we created something unnexpected - chocolate with Olive Oil.
This traditional party treat with a new gourmet vibe, using Gallo's special oils, as well as creating the recipes and making them available for everyone. The first batches were sent to some Key Opinion Formers specialized in party food and were very generous about our candies and our campaign.

What have I done?
Creative concept was born in my fat head, as well as the strategy of further developments.

Where and with whom?
At RIOT, with great partners lsuch as Bruno Fisher, Paula Capobianco Flavio Vieira and Rodrigão.
(If I forgot someone - and you are that someone, yell and I shall include you. <3)