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I had to create and launch activation for Spotify - finally arriving in Brazil.

Music always change our lives, right?

Some of them make you remember a loved or hated person, that day on the beach or that TRASH month of your life. Some of them get under our skin - and here is the pun.

Apart from bringing some hotshots from the media to get tattoos at the incredible New York Ink, we delivered an awesome social action.
We asked people which songs had left marks in them and in a fast-and-furious all type effort we created a piece of art with some of the lyrics and sent them at the comment. Great results, take a look at the case.

What have I done:
Yelled hysterically as I met Megan Massacre in flesh and bone and was part of the concept team and the art director.

Where and with whom?
At RIOT, with great partners like Diogo F. Campos (art director and concept), André Andrade (copywrite and concept), Luiz Duarte (art direction), Priscila Almeida (art direction), Karina Sanches(art direction) and Rodrigo F. Campos (creative direction)
(If I forgot someone - and you are that someone, yell and I shall include you. <3)



Fotografia: Thiago Tsung /Anderson Zaca